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By Rotation’s Sustainable Values
At By Rotation we put sustainability and community at the forefront of everything that we do. As the only pure peer-to-peer rental app in the UK we are committed to change the fashion industry with a business model based on circularity. Our aim is to prolong the lifecycle of quality clothes that are already in circulation and avoid adding to the £140 worth textile waste that goes to landfill every year [WRAP].

As part of our commitment to becoming a fully sustainable business we have partnered with eco-friendly cleaning and repair service The Clothes Doctor to offer our users a sustainable alternative as well as to encourage them to mend and restore any items to lengthen their lifecycle. By Rotation always encourage ‘Rotators’ to meet in person when lending and renting as the platform is based on community, but where this shall not be possible we have partnered with on-demand delivery service Peyk in London who mostly operate with bikes to prevent pollution.

Since starting, we wanted By Rotation to be a purely peer-to-peer business model, as we believe this circular model to be the most sustainable amongst rental platforms. We want to encourage people to rotate their wardrobes and share their items with others to keep products in circulation for longer. As a company we have a strict policy against buying new inventory and holding our own stock.

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our service and aim to achieve this through:
▪︎ Regularly reviewing the environmental impact of our activities
▪︎ Reducing our carbon emissions for delivery services where applicable
▪︎ Not purchasing any inventory / stock of new clothing
▪︎ Communicating our environmental efforts and values to all employees
Improvement will be continuous and By Rotation will foster environmental awareness both internally and externally. Read more about us here.
We have been awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark 'in recognition of championing the sharing economy with the UK’s first peer-to-peer fashion rental service, discouraging over-consumption and encouraging us to love the garments in our wardrobes'.
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